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The Charmingly Authentic
Mathilde Pinault
The 15-year-old showjumper has already deduced what’s important in life: love, passion and everyday pleasures.
When you meet Mathilde Pinault, it’s easy to forget she’s only 15 years old. She’s poised, polite and quiet but speaks her mind. She radiates an air of fresh and pure authenticity.
Being the daughter of François-Henri Pinault, the French mogul of luxury conglomerate Kering, doesn’t mean that her life is all about glamour. For her, it’s the happy moments that she shares with her family, friends and animals – of course including her horses – that matter the most.

“I have been riding since I was five. My first riding experience was on a Shetland pony in Le Jardin du Luxembourg (in Paris). Ever since then I’ve tried to ride or compete every weekend because during the week I have to go to school. I’d love to ride every day and pursue showjumping as a career. I’ve recently moved to London from Paris. It’s very exciting and I love the diversity here. I’m really looking forward to training and competing in England.”

“I love horses. I just love animals in general. My stepmother has over 20 rescue dogs and they live in various homes across different continents. She also keeps horses, parrots and alpacas at her ranch in L.A. They are naturally a part of the family.”
“I’m not the nervous type. Although I ride or compete almost every weekend, the most important thing for me is to have some fun with my friends.”
Mathilde Pinault
“I enjoy competing so much. I love the downtime at home in the run-up to a showjumping event. I practise yoga, to focus on my breathing and grounding. After that, I enjoy a heartwarming homely meal, relaxing in a hot bath, then getting ready with my friends, trying on the gear etc. And the adrenaline of jumping with my horse at the competition (that’s why I don’t want to do dressage – it’s too boring!). I’m not a nervous type. For me, the most important thing about a competition is to have some fun with my friends.”
Image source@MathildePinault
“People always ask me if I’d like to become a model. I have been to a few fashion shows with my father and I enjoy the atmosphere. But horse riding or showjumping is really where my heart is. I’m delighted to be part of MIASUKI IX because I genuinely like competing in MIASUKI performance wear. The tailoring and fabric gives me the maximum flexibility in every movement. Plus, I’ve been close friends with Iman and Flore for a long time so it just sounded fun to do a shoot together. I would only do something that’s true to my heart.”